Simple Living, Self Actualization

Gilbert Ross’a ait bu yazıyı okudum. “Kendini gerçekleştirmek için Basit Yaşamak, unutulmuş olan gizli anahtardır“. Geriye dönüp baktığımda aklımda kalmasını dilediğim kısımlarını buraya not alıyorum. Dileyen yazının tamamına bu linkten ulaşabilir. | I read an article of Gilbert Ross with the title; “Why simple living is the forgotten key to self-actualization“. Here I share some notes that I hope to keep in mind. The full post could be read on his blog, here.

* * *

Personal growth, or rather actualising your highest potential and becoming the best version of yourself, requires letting go of things which are not authentically in line with your Soul agenda.

So, if we first tried to make life simpler and nothing else, its much better than trying hard to do other self-improvement stuff – some of which perhaps fail, or take us a lot of struggle to achieve.

Here are some of the reasons why “Simple Living” is a very important message:

Less Noise & Clutter
In a way living a simpler life means managing your time and space better.On a physical level, this can be seen in cluttered living or working spaces. On an emotional level, this manifests itself as mental noise, unclear paths of action, conflicting ideas and lack of a clear purpose.

So decluttering our inner and outer spaces will clear the obstructions for us to move freely through them and this will resonate on all other levels of our life. In a way, this is opening up to life.

Understanding what is Relevant
Understanding what is necessary vs. what isn’t. It is about distinguishing between our real needs and socially suggested wants. The reason why we can not, is because we live in a collective trance  of consumerism and mass media.

When we start becoming more aware of how much our actions and decisions are influenced by society and culture, it becomes more clear that a lot of the things that we were made to believe as ‘needs’ are false and not authentic to our actual purpose in life.

This clarity brings with it a sense of power and freedom. In itself, it is the sense of simple living.

Finding Authenticity
Living authentically means not being limited or confined to live out someone else’s life or a social template laid down to us through our socialization.

It means being free of the fear of being judged or disapproved of by your peers and authorities.

It means being free to follow your passions and purpose without being infected by those fear-based thoughts transmitted by others.

Creating Space for Inner Creativity
Authenticity walks hand in hand with creativity. And creativity requires a degree of freedom from constraints and limited thinking.

Free-thinkers, artists and bohemians are considered to be creative because they live outside the norms and behavioural rules of society. They are often nonconformists because of this reason. But more importantly, creativity arises when there is enough space for it to flow through and also here I mean inner and outer space. So having a simplified and clear environmental and inner space is conducive to more creativity.

The reverse is also true. Try to work in a messy store room with machinery noise going on and see whether creativity comes knocking on your door!

Life Purpose in Focus:
The less physical, mental and emotional obstructions one has in life, the more clear his or her life purpose comes into focus. There is no real mystery here.

If you are trying to be approved by others by living other people’s goals and standards, the less chance you have of coming close to understand what is authentically your life purpose.

On the other hand, with less obstructions along the way, what genuinely drives you becomes clearer, which brings me to the next point.

Understanding Yourself and Motivations:
Sometimes simplifying life brings us first closer to understanding ourselves and our inner motivations which then sheds more light on our true purpose.

Sometimes our motivations and drives are not clear because very often the mind and heart are in conflict or out of sync. With simplicity comes less noise and conflict which in turn makes it easier to have a better understanding of ourself and our motivations.


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